Posted on: April 20, 2010 4:00 pm

Mets win with Ike

So the Mets call up Ike Davis.  Forget the fact that he should have come north with the team right out of spring training.  Forget the fact that Omar didn't tell anyone that he was bringing him up until the last minute.  The important thing is that the Mets won the first game in which Ike Davis played.  They didn't win because he was there or not there.  Many article are being written like he is the new savior of the offense.  That's a lot to put on a kid.  Sure, I actually think he could handle it.  He doesn't come across as a Greg Jeffries type.  Do I think this is the start of something special?  Of course I do.  But, he will complement this lineup once all the pieces are in place.  If he hits the way I think he can, .290+, 25+, 100+ and Beltran comes back say by the end of May, that leaves 4 whole months that this lineup can put together something special.  The starting pitching is holding their own so far.  The relief core needs to do their job a bit better and keep things close.  Ike is coming up at a good time.  Let him get settled in to his role and lets look forward to a great summer of baseball in Queens.
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Posted on: March 20, 2010 7:12 pm

Day 2 Comments - Better late then not at all!!!

Well the tournament held form a bit better today then yesterday.  With so many oneside wins though it made for a less exciting day.

The Big East looked a little better today going 3-1.  So they are 4-4 in the tournament so far.  Let's see what Round 2 will bring.

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Posted on: March 19, 2010 3:05 pm

Surprising Day 1

Wow!  What a first day of the NCAA tournament.  2 9's, a 10, 2 11's, a 13 and a 14 seed all live to play another day.  a 15 seed almost makes it.  Guess we aren't going to see chalk this year.

And what about the Big East.  Should they be called the Big Least.  3 teams out and the only one who does win almost becomes the biggest upset of the tournament.

Being a fan of Georgetown, I tend to watch quite a number of Big East games.  The way the teams played on Thursday was nothing like they played all year.  I think the major issue here is that they go all out in that league all season.  The Big East tournament is contested just like the NCAA tourney.  Every team can beat any other team in that league so you have to go all out each and every game.  By the time the get to the NCAA tournament, they looked wiped out.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 12:32 pm

March Madness and the start of Baseball

Today we start the most exciting three weeks in sports.  This first weekend is non stop wall to wall excitement.  Everyone watching will wonder which of there first round upsets holds up.  And even if there is an upset of a team you pick, who cares, as long as you only took them to win one round. 

Next week, a few less games but that doesn't matter.  Your still holding out hope that your final eight teams are still alive.

The final week of the tournament and now comes the comparisons to past years.  Everyone wonders if this years cinderalla will keep winning and eventually the champion will be crowned.  You look at your sheet and think to yourself, "Damn!! Lost by two first round wins."  Well there is always next year.

And with the end of the tournament behind us we can all tune in to a new Major League Baseball season.
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